DUN Manager

Simplify and enhance dial up networking and remote access services

DUN Manager from Magenta Systems Ltd allows single click start-up and hang-up of a dial-up networking connection defined by time or day of week, monitoring in a call status window of up to nine simultaneous connections or ISDN channels including those started by other applications and routed connections using leased lines, dial-on demand routers, ADSL or cable modems. Redialling may be done if the initial connection speed is poor or alternate numbers dialled are busy.

If one ISP is not available, DUN Manager can automatically try another using sequential default connections. How connections are started is fully configurable, as is whether a call status window appears. If a logon name or password has not been specified or if the password is not saved for security, a window appears before dialling starts to avoid a wasted call. A performance graph shows the historic transmit and receive data speeds during DUN and routed connections, and graphs may also be viewed later for further analysis. Calls are redialled if authentication fails, or if check alive (using ping) fails. Dial and hang-up can be allocated to hot keys to avoid using the mouse. A VPN connection can be automatically started after an ISP connection to access a corporate LAN.

DUN Manager


DUN Manager 3.3 beta